Engineered to fit

Muscle Stretch
When you've worked hard in the gym, you want the results to be on display out of it as well. Our muscle fit suits are designed to stretch around your shoulders, chest, biceps, quads and calves, resulting in unbelievable flexibility.


Designed For Comfort
Using advanced tailoring techniques, our products have been designed to sit tight in the right areas, and allow for movement and stretch where you need it the most, making it the most of your honed physique, so it's the most comfortable suit ever.



Breathable Fabrics
Business meetings, weddings, dates, and dinners can test your body's core temperature. We've carefully designed, tested and tailored our our innovative fabrics, to allow your body to breathe, whenever you wear your suit.



Enhanced Durability

Looking after your Avail products is a simple, effortless task. Our fabrics have been carefully honed for durability and long lasting shape: your suit works just has hard as you do. The timeless styling is just part of the package.